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Pak Young Psychologists Academy known as a home of psychologists is Pakistan’s No 1 psychology centre and training institute is located at Shamsabad, Rawalpindi with a purpose to provide quality mental health services and professional trainings for young psychologists. It is also a venue where young psychologists assist the public in raising awareness of mental health issues as well as providing them with professional assistance by using therapeutic strategies to address their mental, psychological and social problems.

Focal Person

Pak Young Psychologists Academy is a dream project of well known psychologist Arif Niazi. He is providing his services as a psychologist, relationship consultant and trainer to different govt and private organisations. He is a determined personality working on his moto “Psychology is a science but being a psychologist is an art”. He firmly believes in the power of young minds so he is providing them a platform as a source to attain their goals.


Pak Young Psychologists Academy is working day and night enthusiastically with a vision to provide a platform to all psychologists especially the young blood of this nation who are skilled and ambitious but hurdled by lack of opportunities. It aims to polish the skills of psychology professionals and students by providing them with learning and opportunities to grow in their field.

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