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According to one estimate, there are currently more than a thousand monastic centers operating in Pakistan and a large number of psychologists are working at these monastic centers …. even if it is said that these monastic centers employ psychologists. Wouldn’t be wrong if you are the biggest source of … but the question is do you know as a psychologist what is the difference between counseling a client with drugs or any kind of #addiction and counseling a normal client?

Addiction Counsellor

Do you know what #Addiction is …. what kind of addiction is it ….? #Addiction What are the theories of psychology? What are the physical and psychological effects of different drugs and habits on a person?

Do you know how important the role of a psychologist is in bringing a drug addict back to normal life … Are you familiar with the therapies applied in the #Rehabilitation phase?

If all the above questions are not answered and you do not have to worry because the Pak Young Psychologists Academy will continue its mission of making it as usual and professional for the first time in Pakistan from September 7 for a month.

Addiction Counselor Course Syeda Zainab Bukhari, a competent and professional trainer of our academy, will teach you all this so that you can treat and counsel your client in a professional manner and it will be easier for you to get a job in Raheeb Centers. .. This is a free course with no fees. Psychologists from all over Pakistan and psychology students who are members of the Pakistan Young Psychologists Association or aspiring to become members can join …

To join the course, apply online by clicking on the following link or contact our helpline on 03410211366 on WhatsApp.

For Membership visit

PYPA Membership Form

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Course Admission Form

Note .. All members who are already part of our academy and have joined previous courses do not need to re-fill the admission form as this course will also be conducted in the same groups… However, all students are requested to Be sure to share this post with your classmates and other psychologists so that more and more people can benefit from our team’s efforts…

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