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NO HEALTH WITHOUT MENTAL HEALTH ∞ this has always been a bona fide mantra for Pakistan’s Young Psychologists Association (PYPA) since its beginning. As a matter of fact, PYPA has always proven to be firmly upholding its mission and excel on the road to excellence. We are proud of it!

However, PYPA has come up with one of its grand projects during this time where a pandemic has wrecked the whole world. A project which aimed to provide online counseling and psychotherapy services, encompassing Pakistan’s largest network of psychologists.

Counselling Services

A team of more than 2000 professional psychologists and counselors will provide online facilitation to your problems or queries in no time.  Special discounts will be available for needy and students.

Grab the opportunity and book your session now using our Helpline 0341-021-1366. Elsewhere, you can follow us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages or email us at

Do it now because it is you who can drag out yourself from the mind trap. Don’t get it over you…come to us we will help you out as we know it because we are psychologists!

Team PYPA...
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